Acquire, develop, build. Everything we do is beyond convention.

Working to redefine the industrial landscape, Ledlin Developments delivers contemporary workspaces far beyond the industry standard. As one of Melbourne’s leading commercial property developers, our vision is to create innovative properties of functional design, with greater usability and more aesthetic appeal than what is currently available.
Our mission is to inspire; to create destinations that invoke a sense of commercial creativity. Places where occupants are proud and inspired to come to work – as are their customers and clients to visit, interact and do business.


Born and led by a passion to elevate the commercial property sector, Ledlin Developments set out to establish a new standard for quality, design and aesthetic appeal for industrial property.

Founded in 2013, Ledlin Developments’ sharp rise to success has been driven by father and son duo, Michael and Oscar Ledlin. With 35 years’ experience in the construction industry, Michael has provided significant support and direction while Oscar applied his business knowledge and relentless passion to quickly make an impact on Melbourne’s commercial property market.

Taking inspiration from high-end residential developers, the team pair industry-leading design and the latest construction technologies to deliver the highest standard of product available in the market.

Partnering with Melbourne’s most talented property professionals, Ledlin Develop delivers buildings of meticulous design, created to meet the requirements of a specific community and targeted consumer.
The team apply a tenacious approach to design and planning, with a strict focus on aligning product size, layout and specifications with the intended use for the delivered product. Methodical due diligence and an in-depth understanding of commercial market segments allows Ledlin Develop to continuously create the most functional and desirable workspaces on the market.
With a focus on innovation, collaboration and sustainability, Ledlin Develop ensure that each facet of the project lifecycle is delivered to the highest standard.

Internal construction company, Ledlin Build provides Ledlin Develop with complete control over building quality and timeliness of contract delivery. Focused on pairing architectural design with luxury residential inspired inclusions, the company leverages over three decades of construction industry relationships.
Ledlin Build deliver a commercial product and investment experience well above the industry standard, at a competitive market price.


Oscar Ledlin
Michael Ledlin
Tim Kourtaibe

The Ledlin

The pillars of unique, competitive advantage have allowed Ledlin Developments to build what is today one of the most innovative and successful industrial property developers in Melbourne.

Dedicated construction team
As an inhouse construction company, Ledlin Build provides complete control over building quality and timeliness of contract delivery. This company also provides the team with an intimate understanding of construction costs that are leveraged throughout their acquisition process, during product design and marketing strategy. Contracting only to Ledlin Develop’s projects, Ledlin Build remove their exposure to 3rd party principle contractors and ensure the team remain focused on delivering all Ledlin projects to the highest standards, within budget and on time.
Proven track record

Ledlin possesses the industry experience, brand reputation and founded relationships to deliver on any project, in any climate. Having gravitated towards less than straightforward projects. Ledlin’s team of architects, planners, engineers and civil consultants are well equipped to tackle the most complex development opportunities. Furthermore, Ledlin Develop have well established relationships with the regulatory authorities Melbourne Water, NBN Co. Vic Roads (Department of Transport), United Energy as well as many local councils.

Each of Ledlin’s past 8 projects have 100% sold out prior to completion. The teams unrivalled ability to sell off the plan has founded strong relationships with a number of Tier 1 banks, assuring construction funding is secured on favourable terms and for leading rates. Ledlin Developments is currently delivering their 9th project, Springvale Business Park, an industrial strata development comprising of 86 architectural office warehouses.

Ledlin Develop have sold more than 50 properties during the first half of 2020, 45 of which have been transacted during the Covid-19 restriction period — the project’s first stage of properties concluding with a 100% settlement rate. Ledlin Build has adopted split shifts, as well as additional weekend hours, in order to remain on track with their construction schedule during the Government Imposed restrictions. These recent results serve as a testament to the group’s ability to deliver in any climate.

Industry relationships & sales networks

Maintaining a clear focus on local owner occupier sales, Ledlin have developed strong relationships with some of Melbourne’s most successful and high-performing sales channels.

The team have displayed an approach to marketing not traditionally seen in the commercial or industrial space. Seeking inspiration from luxury residential developers, Ledlin draw on the emotional elements of a commercial property purchase.

Innovative consumer interactions including virtual walkthroughs and personalised video tours has allowed Ledlin to educate their target market on their brands unique product offering. The team work incredibly close with their sales agents — educating, supporting and reinforcing optimal sales results by communicating the Ledlin Difference. Having attended more than 350 private inspections in the first half of 2020, the team are focused and motivated to keep up their ever-growing sales momentum.

From design through to delivery, the team’s consumer focused mantra continues to produce sales results far beyond those being achieved in the wider market.

“At Ledlin, the team pride themselves in upholding exemplary character throughout their business dealings. Our reputation echoes this, as we pursue our vision to remain a long-standing industry leader in the Melbourne property development sector.”

Oscar Ledlin – CEO

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